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Beauty In Nature by jeszkrgr Beauty In Nature :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 1 21 Let Me Rest by jeszkrgr Let Me Rest :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 2 22 Loose Cash by jeszkrgr Loose Cash :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 1 12 Haunted by jeszkrgr Haunted :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 3 16
Big Girls
I'm ready to cry
But I'm biting my lip
and trying to swallow
The lump in my throat
Big girls dont cry
Big girls say fuck
But what happens
When fuck doesnt work anymore?
:iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 24 23
Ready To Ride by jeszkrgr Ready To Ride :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 2 41
Running my hands up her legs
Runing them over her stockings
They arent smooth
Like good girls keep them
They are full of holes
More not there then they are
Some people scorn her
"cant even keep her stockings decent"
I dont care about them
I dont care about her clothes
Her stockings are full of holes
Her skirt is short and jagged
She wears a corset not a shirt
And her makeup is dark
I dont care how she looks
I Love this girl
From her black, black eyes
To her hole filled stockings
:iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 14 24
Ghost Kitty by jeszkrgr Ghost Kitty :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 1 7 Innocent by jeszkrgr Innocent :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 3 27
The Mistress
She watches it spin
Endless circles
Just like her
The second hand
A second helping
Nothing to show
Insignificant being
A simple second squeeze
His heavy touch
Caresses her warmly
Breasts, legs and more
Wish to feel loved
A simple whore
Dirty like the attic
Forevermore she will be
The second hand slave
The Second Helping
The Simple Whore
The Mistress
:iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 6 23
Second Handed
Second Hand
She watches it spin around the clock
Wondering if it feels
The same as her
A second squeeze
Nothing to the main show
Just a second Helping
His hands all over her
Breasts, legs stomach and more
Just to feel loved. . .
Second hand
A cheap whore
Kept in the attic
:iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 0 9
V-UNIT by jeszkrgr V-UNIT :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 0 18 Real Gangster Shit by jeszkrgr Real Gangster Shit :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 1 16
Glass Girl
So fragile
I want to touch her
But I am afraid
Her body is spun from glass
Delicate, breakable
Her hair looks golden
Spun from sugar
I dont dare touch it
For fear it will snap
Her soul is the same
Delicate, fragile
Glass Girl
Do take care
The world is not made of bubble wrap
And not everybody cares about everything
Sacred, beautiful, delicate and fragile
Glass girl
Do take care
Glass girl
Beautiful Glass Girl
I love. . .
:iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 2 25
Beautiful Monster
Beautiful monster
Eating my mind
Giving me lies
That I can only see as truth
Starve my body
Change my clothes
Dye my hair
Get a tan
Oh Beautiful Monster
I wish I was you
I wish I was perfect
:iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 12 19
On Top Of the World by jeszkrgr On Top Of the World :iconjeszkrgr:jeszkrgr 0 13

Random Favourites

Remove My Heart by girltripped Remove My Heart :icongirltripped:girltripped 3,042 176 evil in the sky by caripocho evil in the sky :iconcaripocho:caripocho 3 22 Light can be dark by BloodSnow Light can be dark :iconbloodsnow:BloodSnow 22 45
I've been here and waiting…
My body giving in after all it's taken.
I can hold much longer with all the stress.
I can hold on much longer to the life with in me.
The pain is dragging me under.
Pulling me under the chilling cold waves wrapping me in its arms.
I am falling deeper into the slumber which I know I'll never wake.
I am dieing tonight in the crimson flow.
Hear me out as the warmth of my life leaves my skin.
I am your mother. I am the one who cared for you.
I am your stocker. I am the killer.
I am your life giver
I am the one who stood by your side.
I was your guardian, your soul watcher.
But know its ending.
I have done my job and fatalities of my remaining moments are true.
I loved you my child as your mother and friend.
By- X-Reddagger-X
:iconx-reddagger-x:X-Reddagger-X 8 9
Lily White
Mary slaughtered a little lamb.
Little lamb, bantam lamb.
Mary ate a lil lamb
- Her heart as cold as snow.
:iconparadox-pie:Paradox-Pie 1 6
Dremember the 1st?
It's that time of year
When the soul is touched
By needs.
Loss of want,
Yet in want of loss.
You can't have,
Yet you can't lose.
It's was you that I wanted,
Yet you never wanted me.
December and a memory.
Forget what?
In that I've suceeded.
I can see, but I'm blind.
It's the cliché.
Of poetic nature,
Sometimes unnatural thought is revised;
Into stereotypes
It falls,
It being the question at hand.
Applicable & debatable.
The month of forget
Which rhymes; regret.
Finger tips across a keys
Unlock expression.
But lock feeling.
The repitition of the word
On the lips,
The poet's disgust
For what he reads
Is what he writes.
That sort of cliché.
It's not length,
but bredth.
The mathematics of your poem
Is the true language of the universe.
For whats written is what we know
Relate and understand.
My requiem,
Is that of The lacrimosa.
Dremember me,
Dont forget, my nature
My way, is not always intentional.
Its just who I am.
Dont just read upon
:iconparadox-pie:Paradox-Pie 1 4
State-not meant
I don't know what I have until
I see you.
And then, I realise;
I have nothing.
It's not a dream but I do wish.
I was never born.
To what life was given?
To me or otherwise...
Why be like I am?
You have really killed me.
You dont notice that.
I was never born.
No life but existence.
What I am is what I am not.
I dont try to be.
By the world?
In ways you can't understand.
I am homeless, with a home.
On a mission, without a cause.
A point to prove but unsure of what.
This thing is, but I want.
To be certain of what's known.
Just 'why' that gets me.
Oh well, no loss.
Here's an acronym,
Nobody will get.
What's on my mind.
:iconparadox-pie:Paradox-Pie 1 0
Substance by gmesh Substance :icongmesh:gmesh 11 6 in your eyes i caught fire by caripocho in your eyes i caught fire :iconcaripocho:caripocho 9 30 The nights of wonder by mr-marchew The nights of wonder :iconmr-marchew:mr-marchew 54 64 Lullaby by artsaves1228 Lullaby :iconartsaves1228:artsaves1228 158 140 Intro: D and P Colored Pencil by SatinRain28 Intro: D and P Colored Pencil :iconsatinrain28:SatinRain28 2 2 Big wave or a dramatic sky ? by momoclax Big wave or a dramatic sky ? :iconmomoclax:momoclax 36 13


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Poison Running In Your Veins
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Talbotville, Ontario, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Whatever I'm listening to at the moment
Favourite photographer: Rockstarvanity
Favourite cartoon character: Doom from Ruby Gloom
Personal Quote: Welcome To The Generation Where "Fuck Y'all" Isn't A Dismissal But An Invitation
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  • Watching: My Weight
. . . And I'm sure as fuck not paying the hydro bill.
But seriously, I'm around, but I wont be posting anything new. I'll also be taking down a lot of the stuff I have up. I'll be leaving some of the stuff thats "popular", but taking down most of what I like. I'm not leaving though, I like looking at peoples work and commenting, I'm just not gonna be posting anymore.
Thats all :)


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